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제조사 leimac
모델명 IFHA-50


    IFHA-50Square Dome Light – IFHA series



    Square Dome Light

    IFHA LP01.jpg

    IFHA-50Square Dome Light – IFHA series


    Model IFHA-50R IFHA-50W IFHA-50B IFHA-50G
    Item Number 357-020 357-021 357-022 357-028
    Color red white blue green
    Color temperature/Peak Wavelength 630nm typ. 5000K typ. 465nm typ. 520nm typ.
    Input Voltage DC12V
    Power Consumption 9.5W 8.5W
    SAG Setting Value D0 CB AD AB
    Cable Length 500mm
    Input Connector SM connector(SMR-02V-B)
    Polarity 1:+ 2:-
    Ambient Temperature 0~+40℃
    Ambient Humidity 35~85% (non condensing)
    Weight 140g
    Adaptable Compliance RoHSChina RoHS Mark2CEIEC62471

    Please check the output voltage of the compatible power supply.

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