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모델명 IFHA series


    Square Dome Light IFHA series




    IFHA LP01.jpg


    Square Dome Light IFHA series

    IFHA lighting structure

    Much brighter and clearer imaging is possible.

    Lightweight, thin 8-mm dome lighting.Its no camera window design enables wide range and high uniform irradiation!

    Compared to the conventional IFH series, the brightness is about 6 times higher, and the uniformity and clarity are also improved.

    It is possible to capturing images without being impeded by unwanted reflections even at close distances to the object.

    IFHA series


    Model Input Voltage Color Dimensions (W/D/H)
    IFHA-50 DC12V whiteredbluegreen 97mm/97mm/8mm
    IFHA-50IR-850 DC12V infrared 97mm/97mm/8mm
    IFHA-75 DC12V whiteredbluegreen 122mm/122mm/8mm
    IFHA-75IR-850 DC12V infrared 122mm/122mm/8mm
    IFHA-100 DC12V whiteredbluegreen 147mm/147mm/8mm
    IFHA-100IR-850 DC12V infrared 147mm/147mm/8mm
    IFHA-150 DC12V whiteredbluegreen 197mm/197mm/8mm
    IFHA-150IR-850 DC12V infrared 197mm/197mm/8mm
    IFHA-200 DC12V green 247mm/247mm/8mm
    IFHA-200IR-850 DC12V infrared 247mm/247mm/8mm
    IFHA-100_HV DC24V whiteredbluegreen 147mm/147mm/8mm
    IFHA-100IRHV-850 DC24V infrared 147mm/147mm/8mm
    IFHA-150_HV DC24V whiteredbluegreen 197mm/197mm/8mm
    IFHA-150IRHV-850 DC24V infrared 197mm/197mm/8mm
    IFHA-200_HV DC24V whiteredbluegreen 247mm/247mm/8mm
    IFHA-200IRHV-850 DC24V infrared 247mm/247mm/8mm
    IFHA-300_HV DC24V whiteredbluegreen 347mm/347mm/8mm
    IFHA-300IRHV-850 DC24V infrared 347mm/347mm/8mm
    IFHA-200/100 DC12V whiteredbluegreeninfrared 247mm/147mm/8mm
    IFHA-300/150_HV DC24V whiteredbluegreeninfrared 347mm/197mm/8mm
    IFHA-400/200_HV DC24V whiteredbluegreen 449mm/249mm/9mm



    Compared to exostong model,it is approximately 6 times brighter.

    By improving the special processing applied to the opening acrylic plate and by improving the LED light emitting part, brightness about 6 times that of the conventional product is possible.

    IFHA Product Description 01

    Significantly improved uniformity compared to conventional products

    IFHA Product Description 02

    Significantly improved definition

    Even in the print area, the print can be clearly seen, and the faintness of the print can be clearly judged.

    IFHA Product Description 03


    Ideal for glossy work

    Ideal for inspection of workpieces that generate irregularities or light.

    IFHA Product Description 04


    Hard coat processing

    We made a hard coating on both sides of the lighting opening acrylic to make it resistant to scratches.
    The surface hardness is equivalent to 4H, which is stronger than general acrylic materials.

    IFHA Product Description 05

    The light emitting surface is particularly susceptible to damage, so if dust or dirt adhere to it, remove it with an air blow or other means.
    Caution: Dust, scratches and scratches on the light emitting surface may affect the imaging.

    Lightweight,thin and easy to install

    IFHA Product Description 06

    Space-saving installation is possible even if the installation location is limited.

    Even at a close distance to the workpiece, you can capture images without disturbing annoying reflections.